Rebranding of Organic Gardening Magazine


The summer usually brings fun and enjoying moment, but it did not happen for Organic Gardening Magazine. There is no more Organic Gardening since last summer in 2014. One of the posts of Gardent Rant told his story about this popular magazine in the entire Canada into Florida. She claimed that she got a message from his friend that worked together in Garden Organic. This is happened because the boss of this magazine, Rodale, hired a new editor named James Oseland for this magazine. Then, soon he would change the whole name into Organic Life. Of course, it was surprising news for gardeners who love to read much information about gardening from this magazine.

He is Don Boekelheide as the varieties’ tester for Organic Gardening Magazine for more than ten years. If the previous concern of OG (Organic Gardening) was at garden, plants and around about this segment, now it comes with fresher and more extra spaces like cooking, houses without going away from gardening. Although they declare that OG just was rebranded, this evolution is quite disappointing for the former staffs. The formers want this magazine to give specifics information for gardening only such as advices, tips, how-to be gardener, etc.

Not a New Story

Actually, rebranding is not a new story for Organic Gardening Magazine. The friend of Don who texted him earlier, Doug, claimed that OG has 9 times rebranding before the last one including the name. The biggest one was happened in 2010 ago. From this time, OG starts to give a new page of area for their readers like lifestyle content and recipes. Some of gardeners criticized about this deviation of gardening magazine. However, they could accept it by the times. Otherwise, this magazine has many awards-winning after the story. It means that they want to give fresh air in rebranding moment that they have done and it was happening once again last year.

Once again, Don thinks that this time is too much change for Organic Gardening Magazine rather than the latest rebranding in 2010. Some of his friends who also join this work agreed his statement obviously. They do not want OG becomes casual or lifestyle magazine besides of gardening format that flowed OG name to won awards. They also concern about the gardeners who always exhausted for gardening information via Organic Gardening. He told how many changes that he passed after his father asked him to read OG in the past until he becomes the varieties’ tester and organic grower of gardening nowadays. Then, he doubts now that this magazine will offer straightforward information because of the new topics that appears in the new name.

Modern Lifestyle

I do agree with this organic grower about Organic Gardening magazine. OG supposes to be the real gardening magazine that focuses to give many advices for new gardeners and farmers all over the world. If they force to add some new topics, it will be understood by the readers without decreasing the gardening segments though. We know that people live in modern lifestyle these days. It will be better if they stick with their original theme as the debut of OG in 1940s ago.

Things to do for Garden Shed Kits


We won’t be running out of idea when discussing garden shed kits because there are bunches of them available or exist in this modern world now. On other hand, these kits or types were only at finger counts in the past. Deriving from this reason, I want to share things to do with these kits for you who building garden shed in the back of your home below.

Metal roofing

Expensive is the first word that came out from our thought after reading metal roofing of garden shed kits, right? Based on some researches, its price is twice times of the asphalt roof’s cost. I do agree that the cost is expensive, but it works only for small garden shed. If you placed it on medium or larger shed, I believe the cost is equal with the benefits that you will get even more. The most benefit is you do not have to replace the roof with other materials for next thirty until fifty years, thanks to the strong surface and weatherproof features of metal. I do not recommend you to use plywood because it will be easily broken against extreme weather.

Tool Locker

This is an optional place for your garden shed kits. Of course, we want our shed becomes tidier instead a lot of stuff and tools on the floor. I prefer to build it at the back or sides of your shed. If you have no idea, place it near the shed door instead. For the materials, just prepare pegboard as the studs of the locker. Then, the interior size is only 12 inches of your garden shed. For practical doors, buying steel pre-hung doors are recommended. The latest price that I found on the store is only $110 per door. It is necessary to swing it out or in if you want to take the kits and tools of your garden.

Simple Flooring and Foundation

After getting roof and tools, the garden kits meet your floor every day. It will be better if we prepare something strong against liquid and hard materials of the floor. You can combine the plywood and gravels as the floor foundation then cover them up with cement pavers. This floor is strong enough against how many stuff you will place above the floor. Moreover, the paver resists the water by draining it quickly from the surface. You have no worry about the cleaning maintenance because this floor is able to be rinse every day you want to clean. Meanwhile, the foundation of your garden shed should use pressure lumber or hardwood with plywood ceilings for the garden shed kits.

Big doors

This is another optional feature for your garden shed kits especially for the shed. The doors will cover up your garden stuff and materials from any crimes and weather. We know that outdoor shed comes as the storage of our garden, even some of people us the shed as their living spaces too. Big doors are the best one because they won’t prevent you when picking up large stuff such as tree trunk and many more. Besides of big, easy access door is also necessary such as sliding door. You do not have to push them and make some space around your garden shed by this door’s type.

The Benefits of Solar Garden Fountains


Solar garden fountains refer to the fountains that we have usually used for garden accessories. Solar here means that the fountains will face the sunlight directly. In other words, it is an outdoor type of garden fountains. If we look for the benefits of outdoor garden fountains, I believe that this article cannot handle them in single post. Moreover, there are plenty of garden fountains which available in the store and even created by DIY method users. However, it does not a matter whether you choose many types or only single type of garden fountain because the benefits will be followed the garden fountains obviously. Here are some major benefits if you have solar or outdoor garden fountains in your back yard.

Relaxation Zone

Do you figure out that solar garden fountains will melt away all of your tiredness after having many activities all day long? Many people love to sit in front of the garden fountain for hours in order to meditate and relaxing their mind and body. Say goodbye to your stress because this is very natural way to fix your tiredness. The sound of the water gurgling from fountains is the strongest hero against your stress. You can add a bench or some chairs in front of the fountain and feel how great your garden after having a fountain in the middle of it. I think this is the best benefits of solar garden fountains. Close your eyes for seconds and feel the nature right at the back of your home.

Focal Point

The next advantage of solar garden fountains is to make a focal point of your garden easily. Moreover, you do not have to build a pump system because of solar energy that able to move the fountain. Let us take an example from Oriental theme. You can add a Buddha fountain as the focal point of your garden. For your information, you are also able to make the theme simpler or even more complexity if you want. The solar energy will run the water easily in this summer weather. The battery will save the energy from sunlight and the fountain will still work even in the night.


This benefit makes us smile larger than before for solar garden fountains. We usually doubt about the durability of something which did not derive from stone materials. Mostly, garden fountains come from stone especially outdoor fountains. They will be strong against any weather and condition including rainy and snowy days. Good news says that these fountains are available with many shapes and designs as Buddha fountain earlier. Although the price is quite expensive, I think it is equivalent with the results that we get from this material.

Cost Varieties

Talking about cost of solar garden fountains, I have to inform you that the price relies on the size and design of the fountains. The larger garden fountains, the more expensive you will pay. Materials are also one of the factors, but I found most of fountains derive from stone materials. There are plenty of designs that you can choose. I suggest you to put the appropriate one for your garden.

Fast Growing Plants in Our Planet


We usually do not know that there are many fast growing plants in this planet. This is natural habit because we cannot even measure a millimeter growth of our plants in the garden when we stare at them all day long. On other hand, the fast growth will be able to be observed when you did not take a look at them for a week or months. That is why I said it is natural or common thing in human life.

The question is that are you ready to see some fast growing plants in this article? Of course, you are ready because we will plant some of them for our garden in this summer, right?



If we talk about bamboo, we will talk more about China as its home base instead of fast growing plants. For your information, bamboo is able to grow its body up to ten centimeters for a day. If you have patients enough, you can prove it by yourself sitting in front of them all day long. Most of people doubt to plant bamboo for their garden because it will eat their garden’s space just for couple months obviously. However, bamboo is a sustainable plant. In other words, re-planting bamboo is not an impossible activity for you who want to sell it for commercial.

Hybrid poplar


Although the growth of poplar is not as fast as bamboo, this plant deserve as one of fast growing plants. Because of its fast growth, many furniture manufacturers rely on this plant as their industrial segments. If your garden needs some shade trees, I prefer you to plant hybrid poplar. You just wait around five years to harvest some poplars from its tree. We know that sometimes we have to enjoy our garden. However, it will be ruined by sunlight if there is no shade tree at all. Hybrid poplar is your solution. Moreover, poplar will reach 10 feet of length just in a year.


If your garden has a fountain or watery area, I believe it will be contaminated with duckweed easily. This flowering plant will reproduce their lives just for thirty hours in a cycle. You can do nothing if your garden has this kind of small plant. We are very impressed by the fast growth of this plant obviously. Some experts measure its growth for a month and they got an amazing size of Duckweed at same as an Earth’s masses. So, we cannot omit this plant when we are talking about fast growing plants. In addition, the spreading movement of Duckweed is almost found all over the world.

Eastern Cottonwood

Last but not least of our fast growing plants, Eastern Cottonwood has main spreading around North America. In a year, this tree is able to grow at ten until fifteen feet and it will continue for couple years more in the future even the length increases around five feet per year. Scientists claim that this growth will always be happened for a quarter of century. Even I cannot count how many feet of this tree length for fifteen years.

Wild Word Garden Tips for Beginner


I am sure all of kids and teenagers know about Wild Word Garden online games. Can you imagine that you are able to grow some plants on your garden just by using powerful words? Yep, you can realize that moment inside this board game via internet. In this game, you do not need to prepare water can and plant’s seed to grow up your garden. Instead growing plants with seed, you just create the scrambled letters into your plans. If you hate with the ads pop up while playing, you can remove them by register as Shockwave Unlimited member. It brings so many benefits for you who love this game properly. Besides of skipping the ads, your account also get bonus token.

Wild Word Garden represents the easiness of gardening. We have many crucial factors for gardening in the real life. Some of them are areas, seeding and growing the plants. In this game, you would not ever to think about those crucial factors because what you really need is only how many vocabularies that you have in this late. This is only a mini-game which means that you won’t need high-spec devices or PC to play it. A Web-Based online games are quiet popular these days because of the development of smartphones and tablets. Everyone can access this game wherever and whenever they are now.

Tips and Strategies

I have some tips and strategies in playing Wild Word Garden especially for beginner players who curious about this mini-game. Read some tips below in order to make you pass the game easily.

In every round of Wild Word Garden, you just have a free word option. It means that you must use it only for dangerous situations. For example is when you have a lack of knowledge or no idea with the words that you need to put. Hence, use this option with your wisdom.

In Wild Word Garden, you are able to choose the words that you want to pass. However, this choosing session is only for short period. I prefer to choose three or four letters words rather than five or more letters. It will be easier for you to break the words. The impact is also bigger because the time accumulation can be used for other longer words.

A trick for you who want to pass every round easily is by using all of the letters before the last word coming up. At last, you will be shown a clue of the letters that you want to guess. Of course, it makes you easily to guess it. Believe me that the last word is very easy to answer.

Sometimes, we got stuck in guessing the words of Wild Word Garden. Just push the Shuffle words right below the performing letters. Do not be tired to click it whenever you have stuck way because reshuffling it will give you many ideas.

Foreseeing the next word of Wild Word Garden is very possible for you in this game. Just use this habit by seeing the rest of the letters when you are working the current word. This habit will increase your brain speed in guessing the next word.


Making Personalized Garden Stones with Hotwire Machine Instructions


Personalized garden stones will make differences of your current garden. By this stone, it will enhance the variety and aesthetic view for the garden. Literally, garden stones are one of garden accessories. The design is customizable as sticky as its name, personalized garden stone. Because its flexibility, the stones are quite easy to be DIY method. Moreover, your work will be easier with the support of hotwire machine.


Before we make personalized garden stones, of course materials preparation is necessary. First of all, you need to create or buy forms for the garden stone. Then, some concrete items such as cement and sand should be prepared at the beginning. Some concrete compliment such as water and mortar come as the completion. Next, you have to find some sponges, buckets, spreaders and buckets. The useful tools like cans or cups will make you easier to measure the ingredients. The main tools are Styrofoam or EPS foam are functioned for making the names or messages of your garden. If necessary, you can make a bottom board. It will help you in molding the stones. Last but not least, hotwire machine is your last tool in this activity.

Selecting Forms

The next thing to do for your personalized garden stones is selecting the forms. If you have more budgets, I suggest you to buy some brick forms. The price range starts from $10 until $13. Some big box stores provide these kinds of brick. This depends on your desire whether the forms are large or medium. If you have large space, why not to choose largest shapes.

Put your name or message

This is my favorite activity of making personalized garden stones. In designing your own name should appropriate with the size of the bricks or stones. I recommend you to print out the fonts from computer and then cut the letters by using scissors. It will be more effective rather than directly carving on the stones. It takes your precious times for some reasons. Do this activity for all of the projects such as naming and messaging.


After all of the letters are cut, gluing them into blank foam is the next activity that you have to do.

Cutting on Hotwire

The next step is placing the current letters or messages into the hotwire. I think you need to conduct some practices before you get the best result of personalized garden stone. Of course, do not directly cut the main letters in testing phase. Keep in mind you set the correct temperature though.

Bottom Board

Now, we are working with bottom board of personalized garden stones. Then, you must line out them as straight and equivalent as possible when you start your work. They must be at the flipped position. If you have difficulties, I prefer you to use mirror.

Concrete Mix

We are reaching concrete items production. The comparison between the sand and cement must be 3:1. If you want to use colorant, add it on the water. The measurement of the colorant is only for two spoons with a half of cans of water. That is all. Mix them all and pour them carefully. The time management is needed here. You have to wait at least one until two days of drying sessions. At last, remove all of the mold and clean the personalized garden stones with fresh water.

How to build Garden Wall Blocks


Garden wall blocks have very good function to cover up your garden from erosion. Moreover, these blocks also increase your garden appearances into more elegant and aesthetic. In this article, I want to show you some steps to build wall blocks or also called as interlocking blocks. It means that each block lock each other with a locking flange. I believe the flange will make easier installation besides other types of wall blocks. For your information, these blocks are able to build up to twenty inches of length depending on your needs. Wall blocks or retaining walls will disturb your downspouts lines if you have no plan before building it. If you have a mistake when the blocks facing your house, just keep soiling it below the siding.

Wherever you plan your garden walk block relies on your way in marking the area that you want to block. I suggest you to use ropes or hose to mark the blocks layout right before you start the instructions below. This free form layout will be strengthening the mark if you use shovel for the outline. Here are some tips for straights and curved corners. The straight lines mark can be enhanced by using paint or stakes. Meanwhile curved corners have a special trick. Firstly, tie down a string on the curve into the stake. It will be equidistant every edge of your mark. Lastly, marking paint is also better to make your feel safer when digging.

The next preparation of your garden wall blocks is counting how many blocks you have to buy. I prefer to count it per row and you can find the total in the end. To count the blocks, you need the total length of the wall firstly. Then, divide this number with the block’s length. That is how to find the block. What about the row? You must find the wall height total number and then divide it with the block’s height. It is such an easy measurement, right? Keep in mind that the first row of your wall block should be a half-buried. This is better to get stronger foundation of your garden wall blocks.

Before going to the instructions of building garden wall blocks, make sure you follow the regulations of building in your area. You have obligation to pass the permission before everything has done as homeowners. For your information, these blocks are not lightweight materials. Using bracers and other safety features are necessary. Lastly, you have to buy more blocks than your measurement before. It will be useful if something unexpected happened. Moreover, you can use them as repairs in the future.


After all of garden wall blocks are prepared, first thing to do is digging the canal for the first block’s row. You have to follow your marking paint in digging it. I suggest you to dig around 4 until 6 inches of depth in order to get better result.

Secondly, make some steps for the canal or trench before into a slope.

Thirdly, use your hand tamper in order to make a level of the dirt.

Then, comb or rake the trench around three inches or more for the paver base. Always tramp it down if the ground filling your paver base. This is your first foundation and you can continue to place other garden wall blocks above.

A New Brand of the Popular Garden Ridge Furniture

you are a home designer lover, you must be familiar with Garden Ridge furniture. Yes, this home decoration retails is one of popular in the furniture segment. Most of their products have very good quality and design. Latest news said that this retail is on demand in investing their twenty million dollars for re-branding of At Home stores. They re-branded their name in order to give more than fifty thousand unique furniture as their customer’s needs. The Garden Ridge was existed since 1979 until 2014 and now they have a mission to produce high-quality and better designs of home decor, of course, at low-prices under At Home’s name.


Self-Help Shopping

The Garden Ridge furniture with their name offers an easier way for the homeowners who want designing their house. For your information, they develop one of their service called self-help shopping-experience. In other words, the customers will easier to find what they really need when renew their home furniture. Based on the official website, we as customers will see a new layout under At Home name with attractive atmosphere than the previous Garden Ridge’s site. Like I said before that they enhance what are our needs in finding some necessary furniture. Without much effort you are able to see so many recommendations of furniture in low prices.

Design Inspirations

If you require some vignettes before buying one of Garden Ridge furniture, you are able to find your own design ideas through their new feature. All of house’s parts like living room until outdoor area are offered in plenty of sketch. To make fresh displays, this feature will change the layout based on the current trend or relevant furniture that you seek. It means that you can fit the furniture with your home easily without any mistake. The design inspiration helps the customer properly to find their key point furniture.

Future Aspirations

At Home inherit the Garden Ridge furniture efforts to make new shopping experience for their customers. This is their strategy to meet their future aspirations. The transformation is not only for the in-store display, but also the merchandise offerings. Likely, they also continue their services for thirty years dedications in helping homeowners creating their own styles in their home no matter indoor or outdoor spaces.

I think without a new brand, Garden Ridge furniture is quietly popular in the home designers. We can imagine how big their name once again under new brand obviously.

Large Footprint

For your information, the Garden Ridge furniture offers unique furniture in more than twenty states now with 71 stores entirely. The tradition in growing aggressive stores is still continuing around United States as their main coverage. The point is you can express your own personalities in home designing. Likewise, it will be easier for you to show your passion and taste to your colleague or family. They provide endless furniture for your home besides of design inspirations. I have averaged their stores that laying down in 120,000 square feet. It can be your one-stop destination as popular home decor retailer in United States and even the world.

Personalized Garden Flags Increase Your Garden’s Beauty This Summer

personalized-garden-flagSummer is coming now with plenty of personalized garden flags available for our garden. This is the perfect time for you to start gardening with our lovely ones. Instead of gardening together, what about giving surprise for them with those flags in the garden. Of course, it is more romantic when there is their name and some popular quotes about them. We can have good quality time too by decorating our garden without wasting our time with laziness. Garden flagging is maybe one of good activity for our body because it combines creativity and patience into one-stop gardening. You can give your own touch freely with your next-level creativity.


In decorating our personalized garden flags, we believe all of common people including you prefer to give garish design. We understand about the garishness of the flags because you want other people who looking at your design feel fun and surprise. Actually, there are plenty of ways in decorating and manufacturing stylish garden flag. You do not have to always give garish and big flag instead. The important point is you and your families are enjoyed the moment of decorations. Hence, other people will think you all have a great moment each other.


Without caring the event of your family, summery design of personalized garden flags will cover all of your gardening activity such as birthday party, holiday, graduation and many more. We suggest you to place the flags on the entire garden in order to give welcoming sensation for the one who becomes the celebrator. For example, you entire families love to sport and they are one of the fans of local team. You can play a theme of garden flags here with their sports flag. Although it becomes unconnected with the original garden, these flags will still hold your garden with summery designs actually.

Colorful Theme

For your information, the personalized garden flags are not always becoming the symbol of a special event which I showed earlier. We can add healthier design in order to move away a boring garden such as colorful theme. In regarding the summer months, we have to bring more life in the garden and give some enjoyable moments for our guests. Summer is identic with hot temperature. Tassel flags will be brought more air for our garden. Moreover, high flags with big signs will cover our body with its shadow too. We concern about the colorful flags here which are very suitable with summer and attracting some birds for our garden. Brighter color is preferred such as green, yellow, reds and many more.


Mostly, personalized garden flags propose to be used at outdoor functions. This can be our advantages to give as durable as we can in manufacturing those flags. We know that summer means everything for the weathers. It can be rainy some days or even too hot for the flags. Moreover, we are playing with color here. In other words, these colors are easy to fade away against water. Of course, waterproof materials are the main priority in this case.

Tips for Buying Seed from Gardening Catalogs

Gardening catalogs offer us unlimited brilliant ideas for our garden. However, we cannot do anything if winter is coming because it resists us to do some outdoor activity especially gardening. What we have to do is just waiting the winter end, right? Move on from this dull activity and your dull garden should have good plan in a good day too. If you think this time is the right time for seed shopping, you are absolutely correct. Seed shopping is planning and buying activity for our garden. This activity relies on the gardener’s correctness and accuracy to buy the correct seeds in the next season. Here are some guidelines to help you as beginner gardener to choose the best seed for your garden.

Read thoroughly

The first tip forces you to be perused people in reading gardening catalogs. We know that the existences of these catalogs can be everywhere including internet and other media (magazine, newspaper). Please do not end your searching at only one source. We mean that other sources will offer lesser and higher prices rather than your current source. By this method, you are able to compare the quality, needs and prices in a short time. We prefer to use internet as the main source because the prices are very up-to-dates rather than printed media such as magazine.


Common people are lazy to do something or activity in winter season because they think it will be wasting their lazy time. For your sake, winter is the perfect time for you in planning and seed shopping. Once you do it, we believe you will create details schedule for sowing and transplanting the seeds. Moreover, you have enough much time in considering what seed you really need.

Catalogs Types

There are plenty of gardening catalogs out there. In other words, please do not read incorrect catalogs. Our goal today is seed shopping. It means you have to read seed garden catalogs. These catalogs will show you many prices of plant’s seeds. If you are confusing what seed you have to plant in the next season, we suggest you to choose specific seed that appropriate with your region or areas.

Seed’s variety

There are two main considerations for you as beginner gardener, amount of the seed’s variety and the prices. Both of these points are very tricky for seed’s manufacturers. If you have low budget, we recommend you to buy small seed packets only for a variety. This is suitable for your budget. Meanwhile, seed mixture offers many variants of plant. However, the manufacturer sets them in a higher cost rather than single seed packet.

Growing Days

Last but not least, you must realize the growing days of your seed from those gardening catalogs. We are concerning about the growing estimate after choose some plants. Remember, every area has its own actual days. You do not want your plants are still at young age when next season coming, right? This little thing is usually ignored by beginner gardener. Otherwise, the growth estimate days are significant factors of plants maturity.